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4 more cases of African swine fever confirmed in Poland

Christian Fernsby |
The risk of African swine fever to the UK has been kept at ‘medium’ and farmers advised to remain vigilant as outbreaks have continued to be reported in wild boar and domestic pigs in Eastern Europe.

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Since the Government’s last report at the start of lockdown, Poland has reported four more outbreaks of ASF in domestic pigs three of which were in the west of the country.

“One of these was a large commercial holding of 10,000 pigs, 215km from the German border. Another was in a backyard premises,” the document read.

Cases among wild boar in Poland have continued in significant numbers. Since the last update there have been 1,058 cases reported.

The proximity of those in the west, with some cases close to the German border, continues to be a concern the closest being just 17km from the border.

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