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Andalusian agricultural producers will block Port of Algeciras today

Christian Fernsby |
Under the slogan "Unfair competition, NO!", agricultural producers from all provinces in Andalusia will gather today to block the terminal of the Port of Algeciras and prevent the transit of goods.

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This is being done to protest the entry into Spain of agro-food products imported from third countries.

In fact, in 2019, Spain's agro-food product imports reached record levels, with more than 45.5 million tons of food and beverages (3% more than in 2018) worth more than 37,000 million Euro (2% more than in 2018).

This constant increase of imports, which are pushing down prices at origin, is due, in part, to the EU's signing of commercial agreements with third countries, so more thorough customs controls are needed in order to monitor quotas, entry schedules and minimum prices.

The agricultural organizations and the federation of cooperatives are therefore organizing the protest next Thursday at the Port of Algeciras, which in 2019 handled more than 8.8 million tons (5.09% more than in 2018).

This port alone receives more than 320,000 transport trucks annually, as well as more than 14,700 import containers.

The organizations denounce the frequent breaches of the agro-food trade agreements that the European Union has signed with third countries, while the authorities are turning a blind eye to them, allowing the fraudulent entry of agro-food products that do not meet the same quality or safety standards as the European ones, with the consequent risk to the health of consumers and the unfair competition.

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