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Argentina nearly doubles fruit exports to Indonesia

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Argentine fruit exports to Indonesia have this year already nearly doubled the quantities of tangerines, lemons, oranges and pears.

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In the specific case of lemons and oranges, the South American country has already sent 3,300 tons to the port of Jakarta – 1,500 more than the amount exported last year, as registered by the Argentine representation in Indonesia under the Argentine System for Food Safety at the port of Jakarta.

At the end of April, Argentina’s National Food Health and Quality Service confirmed Indonesia’s decision to allow fruit exports from Argentina to be shipped to the Southeast Asian country without tests for residues and contaminants.

The certificates in the past held up shipments for up to two weeks, according to Indonesian Fruit and Vegetable Exporter and Importer Association spokesperson Hendra Juwono, as cited by the Fresh Fruit Portal.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs lauded its award to Argentina as a country of recognition for fruit-exporting, with the main Indonesian importers consulted saying in a statement that the export and import procedure is being developed “properly” and that it “had significantly reduced processing times and management of permits and certificates.”

Importers also noted a reduction in time and costs associated with logistics distribution, even though the fruit no longer enters through the port of Surabaya, which is more than 700 kilometers closer to the Argentine shore than the current Jakarta port.

The Indonesian government, however, will limit the admission of mandarins and oranges in September and October, as part of a measure to protect its local industry, Argentine authorities noted.

Indonesian importers and some Argentine operators have stressed that a better harvest would have garnered even greater sales of the surplus.

The Argentine government has welcomed its new status as a country of recognition, a title also held by the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Japan.

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