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Brazil judge suspends use of agrochemical glyphosate

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A Brazilian judge has suspended the use of products containing the agrochemical glyphosate, a herbicide widely employed for soybeans and other crops in the country.

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A federal judge in Brasilia ruled that new products containing the chemical could not be registered in the country and existing registrations would be suspended within the next 30 days, until the government reevaluates their toxicity.

The decision, which also applies to the insecticide abamectin and the fungicide thiram, could be subject to multiple appeals.

The ruling particularly affects Monsanto, which markets a glyphosate-resistant, genetically modified type of soybean that is planted on a large scale in Brazil. Monsanto is now a unit of Bayer.

Monsanto said in a statement that Brazilian farmers have depended on glyphosate for more than 40 years and that reviews worldwide have concluded the herbicide can be used safely.

The company said it respects the procedures used by Brazilian health authority Anvisa to ensure the chemicals safe use.

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