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Brazilian poultry gains ground in Egypt

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After a year of strong growth, Egypt is once again among the most promising markets for Brazilian poultry exports in 2017.

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So says Ricardo Santin, the vice president and markets director with the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA).

Even though Egypt’s government changed back the decision made two weeks ago to exempt whole frozen chicken from taxes, the socioeconomic conditions are inviting to product from Brazil, André Barros writes for Anba.

From January to November Egypt imported 92,000 tons of poultry from Brazil, up 45.8% from the same months last year. Of all Arab importers of Brazilian poultry, Egypt was the only one whose purchases went up – exports to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait all dropped.

“The return of U.S. dollars into the economy, with the unpegging of Egypt’s pound, will drive up imports. And even the government itself is working to reduce food prices in the country,” said Santin.

Besides Egypt, the ABPA executive cited Libya, Jordan and Kuwait as Arab destinations with a promising outlook for sales next year. Regarding export volume, even though its imports were down 9% through novembro, Kuwait purchased more poultry than even Egypt itself – 100,000 tons.

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