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Consumer wants British eggs in British food

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Independent research commissioned by British Lion Egg Processors, showed that more than two thirds of shoppers are concerned that the egg in prepared food products they purchase is produced to different standards depending on which country it comes from.

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57 percent of shoppers would like to know where the eggs in prepared food they purchase come from.

More than half of shoppers were disappointed to learn that the egg products in certain prepared foods are not British.

64 percent of UK shoppers would feel more confident buying egg products if they saw a Lion mark on the packaging.

54 percent of shoppers expected the eggs in processed food products to be produced to the same standards as those required in the UK.

Three quarters of shoppers feel it’s a supermarket’s responsibility to be completely transparent about where the ingredients in their food products come from.

Almost 50 percent would think less of a supermarket that sold food products which contained imported eggs.

44 percent of shoppers would change the products they buy or where they shop if they found that the eggs used were not British Lion.

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