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Crisis in Belgian beef and fruit sectors officially recognized

Christian Fernsby |
The beef, apple and pear sectors are in crisis, according to Federal Agriculture Minister Denis Ducarme, who is offering to postpone or cancel the social security contributions to be paid by the farmers concerned.

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According to Ducarme, the beef sector is suffering mainly from lower consumption - a 25% drop in in five years and increased prices for fodder and other cattle feed as a result of drought.

Apples and pears, for their part, are reeling from the effects of the Russian embargo.

At the same time, prices have dropped and are not enough to offset production costs.

These sectors have thus been recognized as sectors in crisis up to the end of this year.

This “will give some breathing space to producers and complete other measures already taken, including a charter with the restaurant, café and hotel sector aimed at promoting Belgian meat,” Ducarme explained.

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