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Europe fails to reach agreement on future of glyphosate

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The European Commission has just over three weeks to find a solution on the future of glyphosate in the EU after member states again failed to reach agreement on a compromise proposal.

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Experts representing member states met in Brussels to vote on a revised proposal to extend the marketing authorisation of the key herbicide for a further 18 months. Without the support of eight member states, sufficient agreement for a qualified majority supporting the proposal was not reached.

Seven member states abstained, with only one voting against. These leaves the Commission with limited options before glyphosate’s licence requires on July 1.

According to Reuters, without a qualified majority, the Commission has the option of submitting its proposal to an appeal committee of political representatives of the 28 member states within one month.

If, again, there is no decision, the European Commission may adopt its own proposal. This would be a last resort for the Commission, which has previously stated its reluctance to push the proposal through without the necessary support of member states.

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