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Farmers in Bulgaria to receive $47.6 million as reduced excise duty on gas oil

Christian Fernsby |
Farmers will be paid up to 84 million leva ($47.6 million) under the State aid scheme "Reduced Excise Duty on Gas Oil Used in Primary Agricultural Production", the Agriculture, Food and Forestry Ministry said Monday.

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The decision was taken at a regular sitting of State Fund Agriculture's Governing Council.

The rate per litre of fuel will be set at a later stage based on the budget and sum of farmers' individual annual quotas.

The aid is provided to farmers in the sectors of crop production and livestock breeding in the form of a discount from the excise duty rate on gas oil used for mechanized activities in primary agricultural production.

To take advantage of the discount, farmers need to apply from September 9 to 27 at the municipal offices with the regional Agriculture department of the settlement where their permanent address is.

The interest in this State aid scheme is strong and has been growing each year.

For example, 6,716 farmers received such aid under the 2016 campaign, 8,250 under the 2017 campaign, and 9,597 under the 2018 campaign.

Over 250 million leva have been paid to farmers since the launch of the scheme.

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