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Farmers in Cyprus to get €133 million in aid

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The Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation (Capo) chief, announced on November 4, that this year, 36,000 farmers will have received a total of €133m in subsidies from the organisation.

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Under the EU rural development plan, Cyprus has secured €245m, to be used from 2015 until 2020, and direct aid of a further €300m.

The organisation has to date handed out more than €1,399m to support farmers; money that Cyprus is entitled to under the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU.

“Our expectation is to help farmers to disburse all the money allocated from EU funds and the state, giving the message to the rest of society that the European Union is an ally of farmers and their economic donor,” Capo Commissioner, Timis Efthimiou, said while announcing the subsidies to be paid in the coming years.

Payments will also be made from December in support of citrus fruit farmers affected by the dead zone; to young farmers; areas with natural disadvantages and as green aid. A further €3.5m will be handed out in support of goat farming.

Payments for climate measures and the environment have already started, while those for organic farming are expected to start in November.

So far, there has been a great deal of interest from the farmers with a large number of applications for subsidies, the commissioner noted.

Farmers were especially interested in obtaining money for the improvement of the overall performance and sustainability of agricultural holdings and livestock, and for supporting young farmers.

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