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Farming rainbow trout in Russia’s Kemerovo region

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As many as ten species of fish and a production volume of 2500 tonnes are planned for an aquaculture complex in the Kemerovo region of Russia, announced Vasily Sokolov, deputy head of the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency, at the opening ceremony.

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The plant is planned to produce more than 80 tonnes of environmentally clean trout every month, with the first deliveries of commercial production scheduled for the end of 2017.

A second stage of development is expected to see as many as ten other commercial species grown at the complex, including sturgeon, muxun, and tilapia.

This the largest facility of its kind in Siberia for the production of trout and was opened on 20th September with Vasily Sokolov present, accompanied by first deputy governor of the Kemerovo region Vladimir Chernov, deputy governor of the Kemerovo Region for agriculture Elena Zhidkova, head of the Verkhneobsk Territorial Directorate of the Federal Fisheries Agency Vladimir Sultanov and representatives of the district’s fishing industry taking part in the event.

The construction of the complex was financed by leasing company TransFin-M. As part of the implementation of the investment project in September 2015, LLC Siberian Investment Group, was established.

Investment in the first phase of construction amounts to approximately 750 million rubles. Planned output is 1007 tonnes of fish annually.

The second phase of construction is planned for 2018 and on its completion the plant’s capacity is expectd to total 2500 tonnes annually.

The project is based on the best technology from Russian research institutes VNIRO and VNIIPRK for rearing fish in a closed water supply system, as well as best practice from around the world.

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