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Finland: Advances on decoupled aid and greenhouse production increased in pig and poultry farming

Christian Fernsby |
The Finnish Government has decided to increase advances for 2022 national support for pig and poultry farming and greenhouse production throughout the country.

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Due to the market and production disruption caused by the war in Ukraine, payments of decoupled aid and greenhouse aid for pig and poultry farming will thus be made more frontloaded than normal.

The problems of production are due to the significant market disturbances caused by the war and the sharp rise in input prices. Early payment of aid reduces the risk of liquidity problems for farms and eases the financial situation of farms.

The advance payment is now 95% instead of the 80% previously provided. The decision will not have a direct impact on the state's finances, as the maximum amount of aid has already been decided in connection with the approval of the form of aid.

The decoupled support for pig and poultry farming is estimated to be paid in the whole country in the amount of EUR 18.5 million and the support for greenhouse production in approximately 20.6 million euros in 2022.

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