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Fruit flies found in Adelaide

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More than 100,000 mangoes from a Queensland supplier have been recalled after fruit fly larvae were found in a mangoes in the Adelaide foothills.

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At this time of year, mangoes from the Northern Territory and Queensland are supplied to South Australia.

Biosecurity SA's Will Zacharin said the detection did not constitute an outbreak of fruit fly and stressed the situation was being closely monitored.

He said people should call the Fruit Fly Hotline if they find anything suspicious. The white larvae are very small, smaller than a blowfly larvae. They will be quite obvious when people cut open the fruit. reported that authorities stress that affected fruit should not be thrown into a bin or compost and should not be returned to where it was purchased from.

"Bag it up into a sealed plastic bag, ring the hotline and we will come and pick it up because we need to try and trace every infected mango that may have come into the state [South Australia]," Mr Zacharin said.

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