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Hong Kong police seize $128 million frozen meat in unlicensed warehouse

Christian Fernsby |
Hong Kong police seized over 5,000 tonnes of frozen meat worth over HK$1 billion ($128 million) at an unlicensed warehouse.

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In a joint operation on Tuesday, the police and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department found the meat at an unlicensed warehouse on Mai Po Lung Road, Lok Ma Chau.

The arrested man was suspected to be the warehouse's manager of the warehouse. He was arrested for operating an unlicensed cold store, and is detained for questioning.

Police believed the warehouse had started operating on June 1 this year. Officers are still investigating the source of the frozen meat found there, and do not rule out they are smuggled.

FEHD said 70 tonnes of the meat does not come with certificates proving their hygiene. The amount will be destroyed.

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