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Hungarian Government placing particular emphasis on pig sector

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"Our traditional, indigenous species, such as the Mangalitsa, are of key importance with regard to landscape protection.

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"They form part of the Hungarian landscape, folk traditions are linked to them and they are part of our national identity and symbols of Hungary," the Ministry of Agriculture’s Parliamentary State Secretary István Nagy said in his opening speech at the 10th Budapest Mangalitsa Festival.

"Preserving these species in their original condition as national treasures is in the national interest and a duty of the state," he added.

Nagy declared that the situation of most protected autochthonous and endangered agricultural species is now stable.

"The Government continues to seek the further increase of autochthonous stocks, to maintain the high quality of gene conservation, and to ensure that the products and services produced from these species find a place on foreign and domestic markets."

The Parliamentary State Secretary stressed that the Government is paying particular attention to supporting the pig farming sector, and although EU regulations greatly restrict the funding that can be provided within a national sphere of competence, the Ministry has realised several important measures in recent years.

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