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Hungary will not allow farmers to be forced to pay for migration crisis

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“According to our standpoint, Hungarian farmers, who have already had to endure the dioxin pork scandal, the Russian embargo and the pork and milk market crisis, cannot be expected to also undertake responsibility for finding a solution to the migration crisis,” Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas told Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap.

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In an interview published in the Thursday edition of the paper, the Minister said it would be unfair towards Hungarian farmers and framers living in other European Union member states that joined the EU relatively recently, if the EU were to reduce the level of funding.

According to the Minister, the reduction of VAT serves to whiten the economy.

Mr. Fazekas explained that the number of pigs slaughtered increased by 22 percent last year, despite the fact that pig stocks fell and imports also did not increase.

With relation to the importance of conscious consumer behaviour, he said the Ministry would like consumers to automatically purchase Hungarian products, and accordingly wants to reduce VAT on Hungarian products.

Mr. Fazekas also spoke about the fact that he would be glad if investors were found for the establishment of a new sugar plant.

The Minister told the press that the budget for next year would include a total of nine-hundred billion forints (EUR 2.9bn) for agriculture and institutions that assist the work of the agriculture sector.

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