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Iran, Kazakhstan to boost agriculture cooperation

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Iran's Agriculture Minister Mahmoud Hojjati announced the launch of talks on new agricultural cooperation between Iran and Kazakhstan.

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Speaking at a meeting with Kazakhstan’s Minister of Investment and Development Asset Issekeshev, Iran’s Hojjati referred to the capabilities and capacities of the two countries in the agriculture sector; “growing apples marks as a proper ground for collaboration since Iran remains as the largest producer and exporter of apples in the world.

“We would certainly pursue the plan and agricultural firms in the private sector has made promising investments in extra-territorial culture over the past few months.”

Hojjati touched upon an earlier meeting with his Kazakh counterpart adding “during the session, a joint working group in the field of bolstering agricultural relations was formed the representatives of which have defined various venues for cooperation.”

“Cereal marks an import item for Iran in addition to a portion of edible oil which is supplied by foreign countries. Cconsequently, imports will be based on individual items and approaches for collaboration will be investigated only for goods that are needed in the long run.”

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