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Italy: Strong storms in Romagna, demand for anti-rain nets skyrockets

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Double the rain expected in May fell in Romagna, and in the Savignano sul Rubicone area in particular, on 9th May.

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Of course, all the fruit that was ready for harvesting, like for example cherries, was strongly affected.

In just a few hours, Andrea Rossi, technician for Consorzio Agrario Adriatico, received a lot of requests regarding anti-rain nets, so much so that he organised a tour of the businesses with cherry and kiwi orchards protected by nets.

"Nets can be installed that protect against rain, hail and Drosophila. Of course the orchard must be suitable. It is the ideal solution to guarantee total protection, but it does mean operations must be carried out under the net in case of multiple harvests."

If only an anti-rain and anti-hail net is needed, then a traditional net is enough. All core operations are carried out under nets, as usual with anti-hail protections.

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