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Jamaica halts import of poultry products from some U.S. states, Nova Scotia

Christian Fernsby |
The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MOAF) of Jamaica has halted the importation of live birds, hatching eggs, and raw poultry products from several states in the United States and Nova Scotia, Canada, in light of an outbreak of the avian flu, otherwise called bird flu.

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The ministry has also increased its monitoring and surveillance among local commercial and backyard flocks, as well as among wild birds, to detect and prevent spread of the virus, according to Dr Osbil Watson, chief veterinary officer at the Veterinary Services Division of MOAF.

“All importers are advised/reminded that products must not originate from the affected states/province at this time and until further updated,” the notice read.

Dr Watson explained that the virus is caused by the seasonal migratory habits of wild birds that cross paths and pass on the virus in the process. He added that in particular, the Veterinary Services Division would “monitor wetland birds”, in which bird flu is more prevalent, for sick and dead animals.

He also warned against allowing wild birds to “commingle” with commercial and backyard flocks, adding that there is a “high risk of spreading when feeds are left out”. To this end, the MOAF will also “increase testing and surveillance” of backyard flocks.

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