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Jordan sent back 700 tonnes of infected Egyptian onions

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A senior Jordanian official has been reported as saying that the country refused to allow the entry of 18 truckloads of infected Egyptian onions, amounting to around 700 tonnes.

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According to the country’s Assabeel newspaper, Jordan’s Minister of Agriculture, Khalid Hneifat, said that the delivery was rejected after ministry staff found that it does not meet the “technical rule” of importing onions, noting that between 15 to 40 percent of the onions were “infected”.

The items were sent back to their source country. The paper also reported that a shipment of 25 tonnes of potatoes was also rejected.

This is a further blow to Egypt’s ailing economy which has suffered after the UAE, Russia and Sudan ceased the delivery of agricultural produce for some period, due to the items being infected or not meeting import standards.

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