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Lithuania will be allowed to export pigs to Poland again this week

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Lithuania will be get its permit to export pigs to Poland back this week, Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture Giedrius Surplys says LETA/BNS.

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"We have agreed that the previous permit for the export of live pigs from Lithuania to Poland will be returned for six months, but the Lithuanian Food and Veterinary Service will have to carry out several additional checks for the Polish side to be completely sure that our pigs and free from swine flu," the minister told journalists.

In his words, the Polish Agriculture Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski will make the decision in writing.

"We respect the EU free trade rules (…) It is very important for me as Lithuania is a very important strategic partner of ours. We, therefore, decided to restore bilateral trade based on the EU law," Ardanowski said.

In December, Poland banned the export of Lithuanian pork and pigs grown in secondary swine flu zones where dead swine-affected bores have been found.

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