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Mallorca asks UK to not let Brexit affect potato exports

Christian Fernsby |
The Balearic Islands have asked the UK government not to let Brexit affect Mallorcan potato exports.

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The Head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food, Mae de Concha has written to the UK's Agriculture Minister, George Eustice asking him to "maintain the same conditions as before for the export of Mallorcan potatoes."

Post-Brexit, potatoes were classified as a ‘high priority’ product and a phytosanitary certificate, documentary certification, identity control and prior notification of the importer are required to export them, says a Ministry of Agriculture statement.

That means exporters must declare that their potatoes are not affected by "Globodera gehrens" or "globodera Rostochiensis” which are two species of nematodes inherently found in Mallorcan land.

“The relationship between the UK and the Balearic Islands need not change," said La Concha. “The Balearic Government continues to do everything in our power to reach an agreement with the United Kingdom to enable us to continue exporting potatoes as before, and thus maintain the turnover of such an important sector for Agriculture in Mallorca and the people who depend on it.”

As reported on, the Mallorcan potato represents 70% of all potato exports from Spain to the UK, according to the Director General of Agriculture, Biel Torrens.

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