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Minnesota poultry sales and exhibitions temporarily banned for 31 days

Christian Fernsby |
Due to multiple detections of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Minnesota and surrounding states, the Minnesota Board of Animal Health is issuing a 31-day statewide ban on all poultry sales and exhibitions effective Friday, April 1 through Sunday, May 1.

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The ban includes all poultry community sales, swaps, fairs, exhibitions and other events where poultry and susceptible birds are brought together.

The current H5N1 HPAI outbreak in Minnesota poses a high risk to poultry but low risk to the public and there is no food safety concern for consumers.

“Viruses like HPAI need hosts to continue to spread,” said State Veterinarian, Dr. Beth Thompson. “It’s our job to stop the spread of disease. Unfortunately, in this situation we feel one of the best things we can do for the health of all birds in Minnesota is to take a pause on poultry events through May 1.”

Direct sales of baby poultry either in stores or via mail by National Poultry Improvement Plan authorized sellers are still allowed.

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