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Miracle: Belarus exports 5 times more produce than it harvested

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The Russian authorities have uncovered a "miraculous" apple harvest in Belarus. This country managed to export five times more apples to Russia than they had harvested, writes The Moscow Times.

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Russia states that this difference in figures from 2015 is caused by the smuggling of boycotted European apples.

“Products that are boycotted by Russia are often conveyed over the border using falsified Belarussian papers,” say Russian authorities. “Almost 573,000 tons of apples and mushrooms have been imported from Belarus in 2015. That is five times more than Belarus actually harvested.”

The government of Belarus stated that they arrested a network of smugglers last week.

Russia still sticks to destroying illegal products. Recently, 758 kilos of apples were destroyed because there was no indication of the country of origin found on the boxes.

The apples were discovered in the region Khabarovsk in a batch of onions from Kazakhstan.

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