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New map shows pesticide black spots in France

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An organisation aiming to raise awareness of the health problems caused by the use of pesticides in France has released a map showing exactly where the black spots are.

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The map released by Générations Futures was published and is based on where the victims of pesticides are in France.

The aim was to make sure “everyone understands the gravity of the situation” in France.

Numerous studies have linked pesticides to various health problems ranging from cancers to birth defects and hormonal imbalances.

The issue is regularly in the news in France, Europe's top user of pesticides with 80,000 tonnes being sprayed on crops each year.

The map below shows the areas where people have been affected. It was based on the testimonies of hundreds of people who say they have been adversely impacted by pesticides being used near their homes.

You can find an interactive map here.

The anonymous testimonies included accounts of headaches, fatigue, and coughs, all ailments attributed to the use of pesticides nearby.

The organisation claims scores more are lining up to alert them so there may be many more points to add to the map.

It reveals that much of France is affected by the phenomenon, perhaps hardly surprising given how much of the countryside is dedicated to farming.

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