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NFU: Retailers must improve fruit and vegetables availability

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The NFU has launched a new report, setting out 34 recommendations for increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

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With an annual cost of obesity to the NHS estimated at £5.1 billion per year, the union has called on government, retailers, processors and the food service industry to develop and implement actions to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables from its current level of 3 a day to the recommended 5 a day.

The 34 "Options for Action" included within the NFU’s "Fit for the Future" report include "multi-siting" fruit and veg, with more locations in stores; redesigning food service areas to offer more prominence to fruit and veg, and adding at least one extra piece of veg to every ready meal.

NFU President Meurig Raymond said, "At the moment, although most people understand the reasons why they should eat more fruit and veg, consumption simply isn’t increasing and this has to change.

"We are calling on all parts of the industry and Government to work with us and to implement initiatives that will drive consumer purchases.

"Our growers produce healthy produce that can help people live longer and combat obesity, and now is the time to turn the rhetoric into action.

"We call upon our partners and Government to launch practical schemes that will enable consumers to choose healthier foods without having to dramatically c

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