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Norway may raise salmon farming quotas in northern regions

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Norway could allow salmon farmers in seven of the country's 13 production regions to raise their output, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries said.

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The conclusion was based on a commission report released on May 23, which detailed the risk of lice spreading from farmed fish to wild salmon in each region.

Six of the seven regions that may be allowed to raise output by six percent later this year are located in northern Norway.

Of the regions located in southern and central Norway, only one would be allowed to grow, while the rest would have to keep output at current levels, the ministry said.

A final determination will be made in the autumn, it added.

The prevalence of sea lice, a parasite, at Norwegian salmon and trout farming sites declined somewhat in the January to May season compared to the same period of 2016, Norway's Food Safety Authority said in a separate report late on Wednesday.

Norway is the world's top salmon farmer.

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