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Norway's Tine to cut jobs, dairy cooperative wants to save 100 million euros

Christian Fernsby |
Norwegian dairy cooperative Tine has announced that it is to reduce staff by 400 man-years in a bid to save NOK 1 billion (€100 million) and streamline its operations.

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The decision is part of the company's strategy to ensure profitability in the coming years and optimise the use of resources.

Strong growth in import, loss of Jarlsberg cheese export, changes in consumption patterns and strong subsidisation of competitors in the country has placed the co-operative in a challenging situation.

It is likely to result in an 8% - 10% decline in Norwegian milk production, leading to a significant decline in income for dairy farmers in 2020 and the years to come.

"The situation is serious and complex. If we are to have sustainable, Norwegian milk production that contributes to value creation across the country in the future, Tine must do everything possible to minimise this fall in income," said chairman Marit Haugen.

Presently, the cooperative comprises 10,000 members, 8,000 farms, 34 plants, and 4,300 employees.