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Number of examined pig and cattle slaughterings decreased in Austria in 2019

Christian Fernsby |
In 2019, the number of examined slaughterings in Austria declined in most of the observed categories.

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According to Statistics Austria, the number of examined slaughterings of pigs decreased below 5.1 million ( 1.2%), those of cattle sunk to 625 000 ( 2.1%), those of calves to 55 100 ( 0.2%) and those of horses (as well as other equids) to 564 ( 8.7%).

On the other hand, increases were recorded for the number of slaughtered sheep (+12.6% to 173 000) and goats (+24.0% to 13 300; see table).

At regional level, Upper Austria reported the highest share of examined slaughterings concerning cattle (33.2%) and calves (23.1%), as well as horses and other equids (40.8%).

However, the most examined pig slaughterings (39.1%) took place in Styria, whereas Lower Austria was leading in examined sheep slaughterings (41.5%) and Tyrol in goat slaughterings (26.1%).

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