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Outbreaks of H7N9 avian influenza in poultry in U.S.

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The USA has reported an outbreak of H7N9 HPAI in a commercial chicken broiler breeder flock in Lincoln County in Tennessee.

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A small increase in mortality (700 of 74,000) was reported and tests confirmed HPAI. All birds have been culled and destroyed and disease control measures are in place, including a 10 mile (16 km) surveillance zone. This is the first outbreak of HPAI in the USA this year.

The National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVSL) has confirmed this is a North American wild bird lineage, based on full genome sequencing and is not related to the Asian H7N9 LPAI / HPAI strain currently circulating in China.

As part of routine surveillance at point of slaughter, H7N9 LPAI virus was also detected in a broiler breeder chicken flock also in Tennessee (Giles County) and the flock was depopulated (OIE, 2017b). Again, the origin of the virus was a North American wild bird lineage.

In other reports, the USA has also detected H5N2 LPAI in a commercial turkey flock in Wisconsin (Barron County). This was a North American wild bird virus and is not related to the viruses which caused multiple cases in 2015.

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