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Potatoes and strawberries 37 and 36% more expensive in France

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For ten years, the organization "Fammilles rurales" has been examining the prices of fruit and vegetables on the French market.

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According to data collected between June 6 and 12, and July 4 and 10, in 32 departments on the prices of 8 kinds of vegetables and fruits, the prices of both fruit and vegetables are higher than in the same period in 2015.

The average price of the four fruit types amounted to 4.10 Euro/kg, while that of the four vegetables stood at 2.50 Euro/kg. Compared to 2015, these rates are respectively 18 and 10 percent higher.

Among the vegetables monitored, the greatest increases were recorded by potatoes, with 37 percent higher prices, and courgettes, up by 17 percent.

As for fruit, the sharpest increases were in strawberries, up by 36 percent, and cherries, which have become 17 percent more expensive.

The prices of fruit and vegetables in French discount stores are still the lowest, although they are coming close to those recorded in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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