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Russia to invest 3 billion rubles in Crimean agriculture

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This year, Crimea is set to receive 2.8 billion rubles from the federal budget to be invested in agriculture, reports Russia’s agricultural minister, Alexander Tkachev.

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Out of this amount, 1.7 billion rubles is intended for the implementation of a crop production program, and 1.1 billion rubles for livestock, said Tkachev.

According to the minister, the allocation of funds comes within the framework of the federal program "Sustainable development of rural areas, 2014-2017 and for the period to 2020". In total, 31 regions of Russia will receive state support from this program.

This program has several aims, one of which is to reduce the peninsula’s dependence on food products from different parts of the country, which negatively impacts prices in the Crimea and is seen as a burden on the local population.

Another goal is to increase production of agricultural products particular to the southern regions which are destined for supply to the Russian market and for export. Products in this category are primarily a range of subtropical fruits, such as figs and pomegranates.

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