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Serbia gets its first distribution centre for organic products

Christian Fernsby |
Serbia’s first distribution centre for organic products has been set up in Cenej, near Novi Sad.

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At the centre, named Organic Products in One Place, visitors can see the entire range of products offered by local organic food producers.

The project, supported by the Novi Sad city authorities, is based on the best European practices and makes fresh locally-grown organic products available to buyers in a single place.

The product range is comprised of dozens of products from 11 organic farms.

During a visit to the centre, Novi Sad Mayor Milos Vucevic said organic food producers had established their own association and were making joint appearances at fairs, showcasing healthy and quality food.

“It is something that is priceless – together, we are trying to empower small agricultural producers and devote attention to a large number of families and farms that are working well and producing an entire range of products sold in Novi Sad, as well as elsewhere in Vojvodina and Serbia,” Vucevic said.

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