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South Koreans believe farms, fishery products fueling consumer price hikes

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More than half of all South Korean households believe farm and fishery produces are fueling consumer price hikes, a national poll showed.

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The survey in the Bank of Korea's September consumer report showed that 51.4 percent of households here believed farm goods, meat and fish will have the greatest impact on consumer prices in the upcoming one-year period.

This was followed by 40.1 percent who thought manufactured goods would have the most effect on overall prices.

The findings from the poll, which permitted multiple answers on a given question, also showed 39.9 percent viewed various public charges will exert upward pressure, with rent and personal services all contributing factors for higher consumer prices.

The BOK's report was carried out on some 2,000 households nationwide from Sept. 12-19.

The latest results showed that compared with a similar poll taken in July, those that thought farm and fisheries would impact consumer prices the most rose by 5.6 percentage points from 45.8 percent.

The BOK said that the reading for agricultural goods marked the first time that this category topped the 50 percent mark since it was added to the questionnaire in January 2013.

In past years, numbers for farm fishery produces usually stood in the 10-30 percent range.

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