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Spain devoted largest area to grapes for wine in EU

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In the European Union (EU) in 2015, there were 2.4 million holdings cultivating 3.2 million hectares (ha) of vineyards.

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The average area per holding was 1.3 ha, however with significant differences between Member States.

2.5 million hectares (78%) of vineyards were dedicated to the production of grapes for quality wine.

Quality wine refers to both protected designation of origin (2.1 million ha, or 83% of total quality wine area in the EU) and protected geographical indication (0.4 million ha, or 17%).

This information, published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, comes from the results of the latest EU data collection on the structure of vineyards.

This 5-yearly data collection monitors the market for grape-based and wine products as well as the production potential of vineyards in the EU.

With almost 1 million hectares of vineyards (941 000 ha, or 30% of EU total area), Spain was the Member State with the largest area devoted to grapes for wine in 2015, followed by France (803 000 ha, or 25%), Italy (610 000 ha in 2010, or 19%) and, at a distance, by Portugal (199 000 ha, or 6%), Romania (184 000 ha, or 6%), Greece and Germany (both around 103 000 ha, or 3% each).

Castilla-la Mancha (434 000 ha) in Spain was in 2015 the region with the largest vineyard area, accounting for nearly 14% of the EU total vineyard area, ahead of Languedoc-Roussillon (239 000 ha, or 7%) and Aquitaine (144 000 ha, or 5%) in France.

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