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The mystery of fake 'Imported' fruit labels in China

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As the popularity of imported fruit has increased year by year, the labels from many different countries can be seen everywhere in the supermarkets.

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But is the origin information indicated on the label true? Not necessarily it seems, because in some small shops around the fruit wholesale market you can buy a variety of imported fruit logos for extremely cheap prices.

An industry expert said the inaccurate label phenomenon is widespread, the purpose is to sell the fruits of other regions in the guise of high quality fruits from abroad, thus earning considerable profits, while most consumers are completely unaware of it.

When fruits from overseas were first introduced they were easily recognized under the label of "imported" and sold at premium prices.

However, different quality products came from multiple origins and the same fruits could be sold at different prices depending on which country they originated from.

The most common fruit to be counterfeited was the New Zealand kiwi. New Zealand kiwis are very famous and are sold as individual items. Merchants were selling kiwis from other countries pretending they were from New Zealand to gain illicit profits.

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