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The value of avocado shipments from Peru increased 45.7%

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Between January and November 2016, avocado shipments amounted to $445.7 million.

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That is 45.7% higher than in the same period of 2015 and that exceeded the total achieved in that year, according to the Exporters Association (Adex).

Thus, according to data from the Business Intelligence System Adex Data Trade, avocado shipments abroad will have grown for the fourth consecutive year in 2016. In 2013, shipments amounted to $184.2 million, in 2014 to $300.1 million, and in 2015 to $306.3 million.

According to data from Adex, avocado exports account for 10.9% of all Peruvian agribusiness exports, which makes it the sector's most important product. Shipments of fresh grapes ranked second with 10.1% of the share.

The main market for this fruit was the Netherlands, which made purchases for $213.8 million, 82.2% more than in the previous year and accounted for 47.9% of total exports.

Other markets included Spain with $ 77.2 million and a 53.3% increase; the United States with $73.6 million, and an 11.4% decline in purchases. In total, Peru exported avocado to 26 destinations, including the United Kingdom and Chile.

According to Adex there was three digit growth in Costa Rica (128.6%), Hong Kong (396.8%), China (4486.9%), Japan (5181.8%) and Germany (438.7%), among others.

The main exporting companies were Sociedad Agricola Drokasa SA, Camposol SA, Agricola Cerro Prieto SA, Consorcio de Productores de Fruta SA, and Avocado Trading SAC, among others. The main producing regions were La Libertad, Lima, Ica, Junin, and Ancash.

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