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Three countries export half of fresh tomatoes and pepper

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World exports of fresh tomatoes produced in 2015 amounted to 7,576.66 million euro, 8.79 percent more than in the previous year.

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This indicates that the average world price of tomatoes increased by 18.81 percent.

This is according to data from the Statistics Division of the United Nations Organization (UN), code 0702 (fresh and chilled tomato) of the Integrated Tariff of the European Communities - TARIC (Integrated Tariff of the European Communities).

Mexico, the Netherlands and Spain accounted for almost half of the total world exports of fresh tomato, with 46.41 percent of the 7587.81 million kilos of fresh tomato that were exported in 2015.

Mexico exported 1560.59 million kilos, the Netherlands exported 1010.52 million kilos, Spain 950 million kilos, Morocco 547.03 million kilos, (551.37 Almería) and Turkey 541.78 million kilos of tomatoes.

Almería, is the biggest Spanish exporting province with 546.83 million kilos, which accounts for 57.56 percent of all Spanish tomato exports, virtually the same that Morocco exported.

The Netherlands and Spain reduced exports while Morocco increased them by 12.78 percent.

In 2015 Mexico exported 99.34 percent, or 1550.33 million kilos, of its fresh tomatoes to the United States.

Holland exported 424.147 million kilos to Germany, the UK 168.91, 60.78 to Italy, 53.63 to Sweden, and 32.88 million kilos to the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, the Netherlands sold 29.74 million kilos of tomatoes to Spain in 2015.

Spain exported 218.61 million kilos of tomatoes to Germany, 146.27 to the UK, 139.3 to France, 110.75 to the Netherlands, and 64.59 million kilos to Poland. Spain also sent 182,000 kilos of tomatoes to the United Arab, Emirates, 138,000 to Saudi Arabia, and 19,000 kilos to Russia. In 2014 Spain exported 26.34 million kilos to the Russian Federation and in 2014 it shipped 37, 22 million kilos to Russia.

The breakdown of Moroccan tomato exports in 2015 is still unavailable. In 2014 Morocco exported 332.32 million kilos of fresh tomato to France, 60.98 to Russia, 36.75 to the UK, 16.88 to the Netherlands and 10.77 million kilos to Spain.

Russia was the main destination for Turkish fresh tomato, with 337.42 million kilos, i.e. 62.28 percent of its total sales. Turkey sold 35.98 million kilos to Saudi Arabia, 33.71 million kilos to Iraq, and 19.85 million kilos to Syria. They also sold 3.11 million kilos to Germany and 2.84 million kilos to the Netherlands.

In 2015 Almeria exported a total of 546.83 million kilos of fresh tomatoes, 143.36 million kilos to Germany, 85.68 million kilos to France, 59.28 to the UK, 52.88 million to Poland, and 52.16 kilos to the Netherlands.

Other big Spanish fresh tomato exporters were Murcia, with 104 million kilos of tomatoes, and Granada, with 86 million kilos.

Spain is the country that obtained the highest revenue from its pepper exports worldwide, with a total of 873.62 million euros of the 4,086.65 million achieved by the world's total exports.

The top three exporters alone, Mexico, Spain and the Netherlands, account for 61.52 percent of the world's total volume shipped in 2015. Total pepper sales (from exports) during 2015 totalled 3,203.56 million kilos.

The ranking of exporters is led by Mexico, with 856.9 million kilos, followed by Spain with 703.72 and the Netherlands, which last year exported a total of 410.18 million kilos.

The overall average price of peppers in Spain stood at 1.241 euros per kilo, while Mexico sold them for 0.908 euros/kilo.

Regarding each country's main customers, 99.87 percent of all Mexican exports went to the U.S. market.

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