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Turkey starts to export Superior Seedless grapes

Christian Fernsby |
Superior Seedless is a variety of white grapes and an important export product of Turkey’s Aegean Region.

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As the harvest started as of July 21, permission to export is granted for the day after.

Compared to the Sultana grapes, the leading export product among other grape varieties, Superior Seedless grapes ripen 15 days earlier. This allows grape exporters to enter the market early in the season.

In 2019, Turkey exported 11,376,000 USD (9.8 million Euro) worth of Superior Seedless grapes to 23 countries. Russia was the top export market for Turkish Superior Seedless, followed by Ukraine, Belarus, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters Association’s chairman Hayrettin Ucak said that in 2018, Turkey exported 121.7 million USD (104.8 million Euro) worth of table grapes and in 2019 this increased to 150.5 million USD (129.6 million Euro).

Thus, in terms of value, Turkey’s table grapes export increased by 24% in 2019 compared to 2018, Ucak added.

While Superior Seedless is one of the most exported grape variety, Sultana grapes are still the leading variety in exports, chairman Ucak underlined and continued:

“Superior Seedless ranked third among exported grape varieties with an export value of 11.3 million USD. This variety has low sugar levels; thus, it is effective in regulating blood sugar.”

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