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UK Ministry of Defence pays nearly £2m to farmers after planes spook livestock

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The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has paid nearly £2m to the UK farming industry because of distress caused to livestock by low-flying jets or helicopters.

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Over the past four years, claims have been made by poultry, pig and beef farmers and horse owners after their animals were panicked.

For the poultry sector, there were 22 payments over this period, totalling £240,000, from farmers who claimed their birds had stopped laying eggs or had been trampled death.

The biggest payout of £79,041 was made to a poultry farmer in East Sussex after noise from a Chinook sparked panic in a chicken house leading to hundreds of deaths.

A poultry farmer in Cheshire was compensated for £23,356 for loss of egg production after a Squirrel helicopter flew overhead.

A livestock farmer in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, was compensated for £42,700 after cows died from shock after they were scared by a Chinook helicopter.

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