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Ukraine tomato exports increase by 65% in 2016

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Ukraine saw a huge increase in tomato exports in 2016 which totaled $17.2 million, which is an increase by 65% or $6.8 million more compared with the figures in 2015, reported.

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Most of the Ukraine's tomato exports, over 94%, were sold to Belarus and Poland. In particular, 79.4% ($13.7 million) of total tomato exports was delivered to Belarus, and 14.8% ($2.5 million) to Poland.

At the same time, Ukraine imported tomatoes from Turkey and Spain to the amount of $30 million in 2016. In particular, imports from Turkey totaled $26 million (88.1% of total tomatoes imports) and from Spain $1.9 million (6.5%).

As earlier reported, in January-August 2016, 2.3 tonnes of Ukrainian tomatoes were shipped to the European market, while for the same period in 2015, Ukraine managed to export only 243 tonnes to the EU countries.

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