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Ukraine's grain export declines for first time in 5 years

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Ukraine's grain export was down 10 percent in the 2017-2018 marketing year, marking the first decline in five years, local media reported on Tuesday, citing a report by the country's Agriculture Ministry.

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cording to the report, between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018, Ukraine supplied abroad 39.4 million tons of cereals compared with 43.8 million tons of grain in the 2016-2017 marketing year.

In particular, last season, Ukraine sold overseas 17.4 million tons of corn, 17.2 million tons of wheat and 4.3 million tons of barley, it said.

The Agriculture Ministry said earlier that the lower grain harvest and the logistic issues, especially lack of rail grain carriers, are the main factors behind the decline in the grain exports.

Ukraine is ranked among the world's largest grain exporters, supplying about 8 percent of grain to the global market.

In 2017, Ukraine harvested 61.3 million tons of grain, down 7.1 percent from a year before.

This year, the East European country is expected to produce about 60 million tons of cereals.

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