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Unknown disease kills cattle quickly in Bangladesh

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At least 25 cattle in Bangladesh have died at different villages in Thanchi upazila (sub-district) of the district in the last three days due to an unknown disease, creating panic among the local farmers.

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The Daily Star reports that fifteen cows and ten goats were killed by the disease at Naidari Para, Sandak Para, Thanchi Headman Para, Boi Aung Headman Para, TNT Para and Morium Para villages.

Meanwhile, fearing further loss farmers have started selling their cattle at low prices in local markets.

The affected cattle start trembling first and within a short time its stomach swells up, said farmer U Hla Koi Marma, adding, an affected cow dies within one and a half hours while a goat dies in 20 to 30 minutes.

U Hla Koi said he lost two cows and a goat due to the disease, adding, he sold three cows and four goats at low price fearing further loss.

Farmer Jasim Uddin said he had to bring medicine for his cattle from Alikadam upazila as there is no veterinary doctor available at Thanchi Upazila Livestock Office.

Ching Kyaw Mro of Boi Aung Headman Para said, “We have no idea about how we will save our cattle from the mysterious disease as we are not getting any advice or treatment from the livestock officials as they remain absent most of the time.”

Thanchi Upazila Livestock Officer Kazi Ashraful Islam said as the villages are in remote areas it takes time to reach there, adding that they are trying to find out the reason behind the deaths of so many cattle.

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