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U.S. is Europe's number one soybean supplier, increase 100%

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The European Commission has published the latest figures on EU imports of soybean from the United States, showing an increase of 100% compared to the same period last year.

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Currently the U.S. accounts for more than two thirds of the soybean imported by the European Union.

The U.S. has become Europe's main supplier of soybean, reaching a 69% share compared to 38% in the same period last year (July to end November 2017).

During this period last year, the EU had imported 1,868,652 tonnes of U.S. soybean while our current imports are now peaking at 3,722,860 tonnes. This also means that the EU is now by far the top destination of US soybean exports (27%), followed by Argentina and Mexico (each accounting for 10%.

The EU imports about 14 million tonnes of soybean per year as a source of protein to feed our animals, including chicken, pigs and cattle, as well as for milk production.

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