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Vegetables in Austria: Harvest slightly under average

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In 2016, the vegetable production increased by 9% to 615 800 tons compared to 2015, as Statistics Austria reports.

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Compared to the average production of the last five years, this means a slight decline of 3%.

Compared to 2015, the harvest of root, tuber and bulb vegetables including pulses increased by 12% to 318 200 tons.

Onions, the main vegetable product of Austria, reached a production of 163 300 tons (-3% to 2015) and carrots yielded 98 500 tons, that means a surplus of 48% compared to the small harvest amount of 2015.

The production of leafy and stalked vegetables including brassicas increased by 8% to 141 300 tons, but remained significantly under the five years average (–11%).

The main products were cabbage with 42 500 tons (+/-0% to 2015) and salads with 48 700 tons (+20% to 2015).

The harvest of vegetables cultivated for fruit increased by 6% to 156 300 tons which means a rise of 6% compared to the five years average.

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