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Western Australia outlines growth strategy for aquaculture

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A report on Western Australia's first Aquaculture WA State Forum has identified six key areas as the foundation of a proposed 10-year plan to develop a vibrant aquaculture industry in Western Australia.

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Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said a co-ordinated regional development approach was highlighted as an immediate priority and called for shared resources and focus across regions and State Government departments.

"The collaboration to deliver the inaugural aquaculture forum - led by the regional development commissions, the Department of Fisheries and the Aquaculture Council of Western Australia - is a great example of the success of this approach," Mr Redman said.

"The State's regions share many of the hurdles that must be overcome to realise the industry's potential. Sharing research, knowledge and resources will place regional WA in a strong position to develop a globally competitive and sustainable aquaculture sector."

Fisheries Minister Joe Francis said the key focus areas identified included red tape reduction, research and development, identifying new aquaculture zones and promoting the industry's investment potential.

"Aquaculture is a developing industry in WA and has the potential to play a major role in creating new jobs and driving economic growth. However, we must develop the sector in a strategic and focused way in strong collaboration with industry," Mr Francis said.

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