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With 315,000 tonnes sold, tomatoes are Turkish export hit

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For the first half of 2016, 315,000 tonnes of tomatoes were exported, making the product the number one export, according to Turkish Statistical Institution (TUIK) and the associations of exporters figures.

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Cherry followed, in order of export value, with 51,000 tonnes, then lemon (160,000 tons), orange (185,000 tonnes), pepper (67,000 tonnes), tangerine (116,000 tonnes), grapefruit (124,000 tonnes), pomegranate (75,000 tonnes) and zucchini (42,000 tonnes).

As for importing countries, Iraq is ranked first (155 million dollars of exporting fruits and vegetables), followed by Germany ($110 million ), Russia ($92 million), Romania ($70 million), Ukraine ($52 million), Belarus ($48 million), Saudi Arabia ($41 million), Georgia ($40 million) and Bulgaria and the Netherlands ($26 million).

Russia was the largest importer in the first half of 2015, with $451 million. But the jet crises and the embargo applied by the Russian government on most Turkish products has greatly affected the export figures of Turkish fruit and vegetables.

The main buyer of tomatoes is Belarus. Germany is the largest consumer of Turkish cherries and green peppers, while Iraqis prefer oranges and mandarins, the Russians lemons, pomelos, zucchini and eggplant.

The Romanians, meanwhile, bought strawberries, red peppers and Turkish cucumbers.

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