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AGCO and USAID to introduce new technologies to Zambia

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AGCO partnered with USAID on a project in Africa to supports country-driven approaches to address the root causes of hunger and poverty.

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In that project, called Bag2Bulk, AGCO will be introducing GSI Africa, its local GSI distributor, to mid-sized grain traders in Zambia.

To complement AGCO's current long-term vision in Zambia, over the next 18 months, AGCO and its partners will hold select activities at the AGCO Future Farm in Lusaka. These events will provide education and demonstrate the benefits of our GSI storage technology. Additionally, topics by its partners will cover grain marketing best practices, financing and more.

The goal is to sell a minimum of 40 metal grain silos to grain traders in Zambia which will benefit some 12,000 smallholder farmers who represent 80% of the maize production in the country.

Since current on-farm storage options and off farm facilities are sub-optimal resulting in annual post-harvest losses of over 30% from insect, rodent and rot, the grain quality of will not only improve overall trade prices, but will allow traders to handle cereal crops more effectively, store for longer periods of time and sell when prices are optimal.

AGCO's project partners are Musik, a Zambian non-profit company; Sierk Ybema Grain Services, a grain management training and development provider; and GSI Africa.

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