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Air Canada crew to wear gloves against Ebola

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Air Canada flight attendants are allowed to wear disposable gloves to help protect themselves from the contact with the Ebola virus.

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Air Canada said it had no objection to a request from the cabin crews union for hand protection when collecting passenger waste that could carry body fluids contaminated with the Ebola virus.

"We have no objection to the elective use of gloves under these circumstances provided that crew continue to follow (public health) guidelines... specifically that frequent, effective hand-washing take place, as gloves do not replace proper hand hygiene," said Samuel Elfassy, the airline's senior director for corporate safety and Dr. Jim Chung, chief medical officer.

Air Canada flights attendants can wear gloves for in-flight emergencies and while handling food and doing washroom maintenance.The union said their use is mainly for events such as when someone is bleeding or sick.

The union said flight attendants are unlikely to know if a passenger is contagious because the incubation period without symptoms can last up to 21 days.

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