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Airbus cancels contract with Skymark Airlines

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Airbus has announced that it has cancelled its contract with Japan's Skymark Airlines for the purchase of six A380 aircraft.

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Airbus said it had been in discussions with the airline about the contract but did not give a specific reason for cancelling it. Skymark suggested it wanted to revise the contract terms, but was being charged "overpriced" fees to do so.

The Japanese carrier told reporters in Tokyo it had tried to reduce the number of aircraft in the deal, or buy smaller jets. "...said it would charge overpriced breakup fees for cancelling the purchase of A380s if our company decides to cancel," Skymark president Shinichi Nishikubo said. The airline said it had received notification of the deal's cancellation by fax on Sunday, according to the Reuters news agency.

"Following discussions with Skymark Airlines and in light of the airline's expressed intentions in respect of the A380, Airbus has... notified Skymark Airlines that the purchase order for the six A380s signed in 2011 has been terminated," Airbus said.

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